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Capital Region Farmers Market

Stallholder Cessation

6 March 2013

The CRFM Management would like to thank many of you for taking the time to write to the CRFM and voice your concern regarding the reinstatement of Country Valley Milk as a stallholder at the Capital region Farmers market.

It is important that you understand that there are market rules in place, to be found on the CRFM web site, that govern all CRFM stallholders to ensure integrity and authenticity is maintained within the markets to ensure that CRFM customers are the beneficiary of what the regions produce has to offer.

The compliance committee, who are charged with administration of these rules, are required to determine the facts surrounding circumstances of a particular stall holder, the principles of fairness and natural justice are strictly adhered to for the benefit of stallholder and customers alike.

The management of the Capital Region Farmers Market continually works with all stallholders to ensure that they comply with market rules and to eliminate anomalies which have resulted from the evolution of the market. Country Valley Milk chose to withdraw from the market following their decision that market compliance was not in their best commercial interest.

Unfortunately, because these matters are ‘commercially in confidence’ we are not at liberty to divulge the background or circumstances regarding Country Valley Milk. Be assured that relevant issues over an extended period of time were discussed with the principals of Country Valley Milk in an endeavour to resolve this matter.

Issues associated with Country Valley Milk compliance are not related to the existence of any other matters or stallholders within the market.

Again thank you for your interest and continued attendance at the Capital Region Farmers Market.

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